Unknown Neighborhoods (Angola Part 2)

Angola is a relatively new country to the tourism market after over 30 years of warfare put a halt on any tourism development.  There are a couple of well-known landmarks, such as the magnificent Leba Pass outside Labungo, but I have put together an offering of impressions that speak to me of the distinctiveness of this country, knowing that I must return.

Ocean Blues

Santa Maria, Benguela Provence ©24Atlantic

Sandstone and an angry sea.

Chapèu Armando, Namibe Provence ©24Atlantic

Cobblestone sidewalks, crumbling walls... remnants of Portugese Colonialism.

Lobito, Benguela Provence ©24Atlantic

Colourful washing on the line in a small settlement dominated by an old fortress.

Carajumba, Namibe Provence ©24Atlantic

Old doorway in Tombua.

Namibe Provence ©24Atlantic

5-Star rating... priceless camping.

Meva, Benguela Provence ©24Atlantic


Lubango, Huila Provence ©24Atlantic

Serving traditional Angolan and Portugese fare, d.bina excels in fresh seafood and always well patronized by the locals.

Lobito, Benguela Provence ©24Atlantic

Red wine from Portugal, Atlantic prawns served with Pau and lashings of olive oil, garlic, and lemon.

d.bina Lobito, Benguela Provence ©24Atlantic

Disused pau oven

Meva, Benguela Provence ©24Atlantic

Remnants of the 60's Retro-Modern décor, a magnificent wooden staircase in a private home.

Lobito, Benguela Provence ©24Atlantic

Strong lines from the Portuguese era, totally abandoned and overgrown.

Chibia, Huila Provence ©24Atlantic

Early morning tones of the Mucuval Mountain Range.

Cunene Provence ©24Atlantic

The fishing village of Santa Maria, Benguela Provence


Building up to 2017 elections... towns have flags fluttering on every pole and wire available.

Lubango, Huila Provence ©24Atlantic

Early morning solitude at the entrance to the bay of Lobito.

Benguela Provence ©24Atlantic